Render Environment & Exposure Palette

    Render Environment & Exposure Palette

    Defines the use of image-based lighting and controls the exposure settings to apply
    when rendering.

    You use the Render Environment & Exposure palette to set the global lighting of a

    List of Options

    The following options are displayed.

    Controls the use of and settings for image-based lighting when rendering.

    Environment (Toggle)
    Enables image-based lighting.
    Image Based Lighting
    Specifies the image lighting map to apply.
    Specifies the rotation angle for the image lighting map.
    Use IBL Image as Background
    The specified image lighting map affects the brightness and background of a scene.

    Use Custom Background
    The specified image lighting map only affects the brightness of a scene. An optional
    custom background can be applied to a scene.

    Click Background to display the Image Based Lighting Background dialog box and specify
    a custom background.

    Controls the photographic exposure settings to apply when rendering.

    Exposure (Brightness)
    Sets the global brightness level for rendering. (EXPVALUE system variable)

    Decrease the value to brighten or increase the value to darken the rendered image.

    White Balance
    Sets the Kelvin color temperature value for global lighting when rendering. (EXPWHITEBALANCE
    system variable)

    A low (cool temperature) value results in blueish light, while a high (warm temperature)
    value results in yellowish or reddish light.

    Learning AutoCad

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