Layer States Manager

Layer States Manager

Saves, restores, and manages sets of layer settings that are called layer states.

Displays a list of saved layer states in the drawing. You can create, rename, edit,
and delete layer states.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

Layer States

Lists the layer states that have been saved in the drawing.

Don’t List Layer States in Xrefs

Controls whether layer states in xrefs are displayed.


Creates and saves a new layer state.

Displays the New Layer State to Save dialog box, where you can create a new layer
state by providing a name, specifying layer settings, and entering an optional description.


Saves the current layer settings in the drawing to the selected layer state, replacing the previously
saved settings. It also saves the default Layer Properties to Restore settings.


Displays the Edit Layer State dialog box, where you can modify a selected layer state,
which is then automatically saved.


Renames the selected layer state.


Removes the selected layer state.


Displays a standard file selection dialog box, where you can load a previously exported
layer state (LAS) file into the current drawing.

Layer states in any DWG, DWS, or DWT files can be imported. Additional layers might
be created as a result of importing a layer state file. When a layer state file is
selected, the Select Layer States dialog box is displayed, where you can select the
layer states to import.


Displays a standard file selection dialog box, where you can save the selected layer
state to a layer state (LAS) file.


Restores the layer settings saved in the specified layer state, depending on which
settings are checked in the Layer Properties to Restore column.


Closes the Layer States Manager.

Restore Options

Turn Off Layers Not Found in Layer State

When a layer state is restored, turns off new layers for which settings were not saved,
so that the drawing appears the way it did when the layer state was saved.

Apply Properties as Viewport Overrides

Applies the selected layer state as layer property overrides to the current layout viewport.

This option is available only on a layout within a layout viewport.

More Options

Displays additional options in the Layer States Manager.

Layer Properties to Restore

Applies only the specified layer property settings when the specified layer state
is restored.

The Visibility in Current Viewport option is available only for layout viewports,
and the On/Off and Frozen/Thawed options are available only for model space viewports.

Select All

Selects all the layer property settings.

Clear All

Clears all the layer property settings.

Learning AutoCad

spplies the selected layer state as layer property overrides to the current layout viewport. This option is available when the Layer States Manager is opened when a layout viewport is current. Expands or collapses the dialog box to show or hide the Layer Properties to Restore area.Layer States Manager is first opened in a drawing …layer state, double-click in a layout viewport to make it current before opening the Layer States Manager. In the New Layer State to Save dialog box, enter a name for the new layer state, or choose a name from the list. You can also add a description. Click OK.Layer States Manager dialog box, open the Layer Properties Manager and …Apr 2, 2012Dec 9, 2015Jul 15, 2014layer states manager can any body explain about this.layer groups in the Layer Properties Manager, Layer States actually display and restore the …… Take note of the options within the Layer States Manager. You can enable the inclusion of XREF Layers. You also set how you want new layers …

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