General Tab (Plot Style Table Editor)

General Tab (Plot Style Table Editor)

Lists the plot style table file name, description, version number, location (path
name), and table type.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

Plot Style Table File Name

Displays the name of the plot style table file you are editing.


Provides a description area for a plot style table.

File Information

Displays information about the plot style table you are editing: number of plot styles,
path, and version number of the Plot Style Table Editor.

Apply Global Scale Factor to Non-ISO Linetypes

Scales all the non-ISO linetypes and fill patterns in the plot styles of objects controlled
by this plot style table.

Scale Factor

Specifies the amount to scale non-ISO linetypes and fill patterns.

Delete R14 Color Mapping Table (not available in AutoCAD LT)

Deletes color mapping tables that are used when you open pre-AutoCAD 2000 drawings.
While the color mapping table exists, you cannot add, delete, or rename plot styles
in that plot style table.

Named plot style tables that you create using acadr14.cfg, PCP, or PC2 files contain plot styles that are created from your AutoCAD Release
۱۴ pen mappings. Color-dependent plot style tables also have color mapping tables.
Color mapping tables are used to map plot styles to colors and thus to objects of
each color when opening pre-AutoCAD 2000 drawings.

If you delete a color mapping table, plot styles cannot be automatically assigned
to objects when pre-AutoCAD 2000 drawings are opened for the first time.

If you delete the mapping table, the plot style table becomes an ordinary plot style
table and is no longer useful for applying plot styles to old drawings. It continues
to be useful for new drawings.

Learning AutoCad

sts the plot style table file name, description, version number, location (path name), and table type. List of Options The following options are displayed.plot styles in the plot style table and their settings. Plot styles are displayed in columns from left to right. In general, the Table View tab is …plot style table is attached to a layout or the Model tab, and you change a plot style, any objects that use that plot style are affected. If the plot style table is …plot style tables and edit plot style properties. Creating …. tab contains general information regarding the plot style table. Enter a …plot style tables: named (*.stb) and color-dependent (*.ctb) . Named plot … In the Plot Style Table Editor, click the Form View tab. On the left …plotting, a plot style table, and a plotter configuration. See ….. 3 In the Plot Style Table Editor, choose the General tab and change the description.

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