FAQ: Why Am I Getting The “Referenced assembly ‘Acdbmgd’ does not have a strong name”<br /> Error Message?<br />

    FAQ: Why Am I Getting The “Referenced assembly ‘Acdbmgd’ does not have a strong name”
    Error Message?

    The “Referenced assembly ‘Acdbmgd’ does not have a strong name” error message is
    displayed as a result of trying to use the Signing properties of your project in the
    Microsoft Visual Studio development environment. The AutoCAD Managed .NET API and
    AutoCAD-based programs don’t support the use of ‘Strong Name Signing.’ AutoCAD-based
    programs use Microsoft’s Authenticode technology to verify the authenticity of a binary
    file. The SignTool.exe program, from the Windows SDK, can be used to digitally sign a binary file with Microsoft’s
    Authenticode technology.

    For more information on Authenticode, see Microsoft’s website (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc750035.aspx).

    To resolve the error, follow these steps:

    1. In Microsoft Visual Studio, Solution Explorer, right-click the project and choose
    2. On the Properties page, click the Signing tab.
    3. Clear the Sign The Assemblies check box.
    4. Close the Properties page.

    A binary file can be signed as part of the build process, but instead you must use
    a Post-build event. For steps on setting up a Post-build event, see the topic “To
    Digitally Sign a Binary (ObjectARX or Managed .NET) File with a Post-Build Event in
    Microsoft Visual Studio.”

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