Examining Reactor Behavior in Detail

Examining Reactor Behavior in Detail

With a stack of scrap paper, start tracing the reactor events within the application.
Here is an example of the kinds of things you should track:

Draw ten garden paths, then track the following Command/Object combinations, selecting
the polylines in succession:

  • Erase/Polyline border (path 1)
  • Erase/Circle within a polyline (path 2)
  • Erase/Two polylines (paths 3 and 4)
  • Move/Polyline border (path 5)
  • Move/Circle within a polyline (path 6)
  • Move/Two polylines and several circles (paths 7 and 8)
  • Move Vertex (through grips)/Polyline border (path 9)
  • Stretch/Polyline border (path 10)

This exercise will give you a good understanding of what is happening behind the
scenes. At any time throughout Lesson 7 when the reactor functionality becomes confusing,
refer to your “reactor-trace sheets.â€‌

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th a stack of scrap paper, start tracing the reactor events within the application.reactor events within the application.detailed information on hydrogen uptake as a function … The in-service degradation of reactor core materials is related to underlying … reorientation behavior in Zr-based alloys is based on post-test examination of …

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