Design Feed Palette

Design Feed Palette

Access Methods


Autodesk 360 tab AutoCAD Online panel Design Feed

The Design Feed palette provides a way to post and reply to messages, which can include
attached images, to colleagues and clients through Autodesk 360. The messages can
be linked to locations and areas within the drawing, and can be accessed online by
the people that you authorize.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

Design Feed Settings

Provides options for the display of design feed bubbles and resolved posts. The options
include the following:

Design Feed Settings – Options

The settings provide a way to hide, display, or expand the design feed bubbles displayed
in your drawing. Once placed in your drawing, you can click any bubble to display
it either as the normal or the expanded version:

NOTE:The posts can contain a huge amount of text, but the expanded bubbles display only
the first 30 characters of the post. As a result, you might want to consider a style
that uses these first characters as a title or a summary sentence.

You also have the option to show or hide posts and responses in the Design Feed palette
that you marked as resolved.

Autodesk 360 Drawing

Indicates that the current drawing is stored in and managed from your Autodesk 360
account. This includes managing the access privileges for the people to whom you have
granted access.

Local Drawing

Indicates that the current drawing is stored locally, and includes an embedded design
feed ID.

If you need to distribute drawings, it is recommended that you use Autodesk 360 or
network permissions to share and control access to your drawings.

IMPORTANT: Be aware that a local drawing that is linked to a design feed will maintain that
link if you copy and distribute the drawing. This means that the recipients of the
copies can access all the design feed posts in that drawing, including those that
will be made in the future. You can remove the embedded design feed link with an option
in eTransmit or Save As.

Design Feed Buttons

Create a new post
You start creating a new post by typing your message in this field.
Associate this post to an area in the drawing
Click two diagonal points to define a dashed blue rectangle along with a design feed
bubble. If the post is hidden or deleted, the rectangle and the bubble will also be
hidden or deleted.
Associate this post to a point in the drawing
Click a point location at which to display a design feed bubble.
Tag in this post
You can specify the people who you want to include in the design feed. Through Autodesk
۳۶۰, you can add them to the notification list and set their access level for the
Attach images to this post
Supported image file types include the following:

  • BMP (*.bmp, *.dib)
  • JPG (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.jfif, *.jif)
  • GIF (*.gif)
  • PNG (*.png)
Design Feed Post Controls

There are several controls displayed at the bottom of an original post: Reply, Resolve,
and Delete.

Adds a message to an original post. All replies are displayed in the order they were
received without nesting them—there are no indented replies to replies.
Identifies a post and all replies to it as “resolved.” Resolved messages can be hidden
with a Design Feed Settings option. Once a post is resolved, a new control becomes
available, Reopen. Reopen removes the resolved designation.
Removes the original post. This option is available only to the originator of the
View all comments
This label is a button that lets you to choose between displaying all the replies
to a post or to limiting the replies to the most recent ones. It appears when there
are most posts than can be displayed at the same time in the palette.

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