Cross-reference of MicroStation to AutoCAD Terms

Cross-reference of MicroStation to AutoCAD Terms

Understanding the differences between MicroStation and AutoCAD terminology helps when
attaching DGN files as underlays.

The table below explains many of the different terms that are used in MicroStation
and provides a reference to the term that is used in AutoCAD when possible.

MicroStation to AutoCAD Terms

MicroStation Term

AutoCAD Term




Drafting tool for automatic snaps.



Coordinate system acronyms.

ACS = Auxiliary Coordinate System

UCS = User Coordinate System

ByLevel setting

BYLAYER setting

Setting that controls whether color, line weight, and line style are set for each
level (layer).

Cell libraries


No reference in AutoCAD terminology.

Cells: shared and normal


In AutoCAD, all blocks behave like shared cells. There is no reference in AutoCAD
terminology to a normal cell.

Design model

Model space

DWG workmode and AutoCAD only allow for a single model. MicroStation DGN workmode
allows for multiple models.

DGN file

DWG file

Native file format for each program.

Drop Element


Command used to demote element/object types to lower level. For example, cells/blocks
can be demoted to geometry.

Element Attributes


Name for characteristics of elements/objects.

Fit View

Zoom extents

Command for zooming in on all elements currently in the drawing.

  • MicroStation’s “Fit Viewâ€‌ tool fits only visible geometry.
  • “Zoom Extentsâ€‌ area includes layers that have display turned off.



Vertices on geometry that can be selected and manipulated.


Command Line

Place for entering commands/variables manually.



Organizational structure used to control the appearance of objects in a drawing.

Line styles


Setting used to control the appearance of the line work in a drawing.

Merge into Master


Inserting an external reference into the current drawing.

Message Center

Text Window

Place for viewing text messages from program feedback.



Native 3D modeling kernel for each program.



Filling of a defined area with a defined pattern.

Pen tables

Plot styles

Used to control how linework appears when printing or plotting.


References: attachments, overlays, and underlays

References to the current drawing are stored externally, which keeps the file size
down, but still allows for access to the geometry for drafting and plotting. In Microstation,
you can have references with Live Nesting or No Nesting. References with No Nesting
are translated as overlays in AutoCAD-based products.

MicroStation V7 does not support nested references.

Seed file

Template drawing file

Files are used as a starting point for newly created files and store commonly used

For DGNEXPORT, the chosen seed file determines what master and sub units are used
for translation to DGN as well as resolution and accuracy values.

Sheet model

Drawing layout

(paper space)

Commonly used to control the output of a drawing for plotting.

Smart Line


Multi-segmented lines.



Element used to store textual information in a cell (block).



Used to control the visibility of different sections of a drawing.

View Attributes

Drafting settings

There is no direct reference in AutoCAD terminology. Similar options can be found
in the taskbar/drafting settings area of AutoCAD.

Working units

Drawing units

Used to control command input values that are dependent on unit values.

Learning AutoCad

e table below explains many of the different terms that are used in MicroStation and provides a reference to the term that is used in AutoCAD when possible.Cross–reference of MicroStation to AutoCAD Terms …… MicroStation Term, Corresponding AutoCAD Term, Notes … Merge into Master, Bind XREF, Inserting an external reference into the current …cross Reference for ACAD and MicroStation. File Using AutoCAD Commands in MicroStation Using AutoCAD Commands in MicroStation File …cross reference of microstation to autocad terms – cross reference of microstation to autocad terms user s guide user s guide share data …… CrossReference the Easy Way … Tipster Danny Korem shares some tips for ensuring your AutoCAD files reference properly. … Lots of drawings we received are converted from Microstation, or some non Auto DESK design …Cross–reference of MicroStation to AutoCAD Terms … You reference and place underlay files in drawing files the same as you do raster image files; they are not  …AutoCAD training course is designed to help users transition from … Terminology Cross Reference e.g. Accusnap =Object Snap & Levels = Layers… When converting a file, the reference files can be converted also. ….. When normal Microstation commands are being used the system highlights or brightens the ….. Cross section design files also have different working units than all other … This can be accomplished by opening the DWG file and using.

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