Adding the New Reactor Functionality

Adding the New Reactor Functionality

In Lesson 6, you hooked up callback function gp:command-will-start to the reactor event :vlr-commandWillStart. As it currently exists, the function displays some messages and initializes two
global variables, *polyToChange* and *reactorsToRemove*, to nil.

To add functionality to the gp:command-will-start callback function

  1. Open your gpreact.lsp file.
  2. In the gp:command-will-start function, add two variables to the setq function call by modifying it as follows:
    ;; Reset all four reactor globals to nil.
    (setq   *lostAssociativity* nil
            *polyToChange* nil
            *reactorsToChange* nil
            *reactorsToRemove* nil)
  3. Replace the remaining code in gp:command-will-start, up to the last princ function call, with the following code:
    (if (member (setq currentCommandName (car command-list))
           '( "U"    "UNDO"     "STRETCH"   "MOVE" 
              "ROTATE"  "SCALE"   "BREAK"  "GRIP_MOVE" 
              "GRIP_ROTATE"   "GRIP_SCALE"  "GRIP_MIRROR")
        ) ;_ end of member
          (setq *lostAssociativity* T)
          (princ "
    NOTE: The ")
          (princ currentCommandName)
          (princ " command will break a path's associativity .")
        ) ;_ end of progn
    ) ;_ end of if

    This code checks to see if the user issued a command that breaks the associativity
    between the tiles and the path. If the user issued such a command, the program sets
    the *lostAssociativity* global variable and warns the user.

    As you experiment with the garden path application, you may discover additional editing
    commands that can modify the garden path and cause the loss of associativity. Add
    these commands to the quoted list so that the user is aware of what will happen. When
    this function fires, the user has started a command but has not selected any entities
    to modify. The user could still cancel the command, leaving things unchanged.

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