Solidworks Translator Reference

    Solidworks Translator Reference

    IMPORT supports the following versions of Solidworks® files:

    • *.prt, *.sldprt (part) – versions 2003 – 2010
    • *.asm, *.sldasm (assembly) – versions 2003 -2010

    The following data types are translated:

    • Assemblies
    • Parts
    • Surfaces
    • Solids
    • Multi Solids
    • Wire Geometry (2D & 3D)
    NOTE: Some formats in this topic may not be available in individual AutoCAD-based products.

    Learning AutoCad

    PORT supports the following versions of Solidworks® files: *.prt, *.sldprt (part) – versions 2003 – 2010 *.asm, *.sldasm (assembly) – versions 2003 -2010 The …Reference geometry defines the shape or form of a surface or a solid. … You can convert sketched entities into construction geometry to use in creating model …reference to apply restraints. You can prescribe the translations in directions 1 and 2 of the plane as well as in the direction normal to  …Reference Geometry in Document Templates … To convert one or more sketch entities to construction geometry: In an open sketch, …Translate/Rotate, to specify parameters to move, copy, or rotate bodies. Constraints, to … Click in Translation Reference and do one of the following: Select an …convert) one sketch to another plane? … There is an Enhancement Request in our system to add reference …Translation Reference select_edges_vertex.png . Select a second vertex. The bodies move to the second …reference for what the different translation and rotation restraints mean for cylindrical surfaces? The animation …References. … You can convert an entity's internal loops or entities of a model face automatically with the Select all inner …

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