Security Concern: Untrusted Executable

    Security Concern: Untrusted Executable

    Executable files that are loaded into AutoCAD can contain malware, which can result
    in drawing corruption, design theft, or a general security breach.

    To protect you against these potential malware threats, the warning message about
    an untrusted executable appears when these conditions are met:

    • The SECURELOAD system variable is set to 1.
    • The executable file does not have a security certificate issued by a trusted Certification
    • The location of the executable file is not in the approved list stored in the TRUSTEDPATHS
      system variable.

    If you trust this executable file, we recommend that you do one of the following:

    • Add the folder containing the executable file to the list of trusted folders.
    • Move this executable file to an appropriate trusted folder.
    NOTE: Trusted folders should be set to “Read Only.” If the SECURELOAD or TRUSTEDPATHS system
    variables are locked, see your CAD administrator for details.

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