Reactor Basics

Reactor Basics

A reactor is an object you attach to the drawing editor, or to specific entities
within a drawing. Extending the metaphor of the pager, the reactor object is an automatic
dialer that knows how to call your pager when something significant happens. The pager
within your application is an AutoLISP® function called by the reactor; such a function is known as a callback function.

NOTE:The complexity of the application code and the level of expertise required for these
final two lessons is much higher than Lessons 1 through 5. There is a great deal of
information presented, but it is not all explained at the same level of detail as
in the previous lessons. If you are a beginner, do not worry if you don’t get it the
first time. Consider this just a first taste of some of the very powerful but more
technically difficult features of Visual LISP®.

Learning AutoCad

Aug 2015 European Commission – Energy: Information about the Euratom and European Nuclear Research in both Fusion and Fission. All large power …… Introduction. The future of nuclear power plants is promising, despite the number of blemishes that exist on the historical timeline of reactor …reactor produces and controls the release of energy from splitting the atoms … The main design is the pressurised water reactor which has water in its …Basics of Nuclear Energy — How is Nuclear Power Produced? … The whole assembly (reactor core) is submerged in water to help keep the core cool.Reactor Design Basics / Reactor Systems Engineering … was given to the broad perspective, particularly for topics important to reactor design and oper ation, …Reactor Basics. Purpose. To provide learners with a high level appraisal of the principles which underpin the design and …Reactor Basics. Why small modular reactors (SMRs)?. Reactors on a much smaller scale and in larger numbers than are built today could deliver  …Reactor Basics. Larry Nelson … Reactor. Vessel. Core. Recirc. Pump. Recirc. Pump. Feed. Pumps. Drain. Pumps … VBWR (Vallecitos Boiling Water Reactor).reactor design is to carefully lay out the fuel and water so the neutrons have time to slow enough to become highly reactive with the U-235,  …

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