Dynamic Block Grip Reference

Dynamic Block Grip Reference

This table describes the grips and how they’re used.

Grip Type


Grip Movement or Result

Parameters: Associated Actions



Within a plane in any direction

Base: None

Point: Move, Stretch,

Polar: Move, Scale, Stretch, Polar Stretch, Array

XY: Move, Scale, Stretch, Array



Back and forth in a defined direction or along an axis

Linear: Move, Scale, Stretch, Array



Around an axis

Rotation: Rotate



Switches to a mirror image of the block geometry

Flip: Flip



Within a plane in any direction; when moved over an object, triggers the block reference
to align with the object

Alignment: None (action is implied)



Displays a list of values

Visibility: None (action is implied)

Lookup: Lookup

Learning AutoCad

is table describes the grips and how they're used.grips and how they're used.grips can be used to manipulate the geometry of a dynamic block reference. When you add a parameter to a dynamic block definition, custom grips  …Block Definition dialog box, select the block whose grips you want … the Insertion Cycling Order for Custom Grips in a Dynamic Block Reference …Grips in a Dynamic Block Reference. Help. Applies to AutoCAD 2016, AutoCAD Architecture 2016, AutoCAD …Dynamic Block Grip Reference · Commands for Dynamic Blocks …… You can also work with multiple grips in block, not only insertion point! … Since AutoCAD 2006, Autodesk introduce Dynamic Block feature.… You can add alignment parameters to dynamic blocks. Alignment … grips that align the block reference to other geometry in your drawing.Dynamic Blocks in AutoCAD. Learn how each … They reduce drawing file size as each block is a single data reference. …. The parameter grips are actual objects in the Block Editor. If you don't want a …dynamic blocks with custom grips and custom properties … can manipulate the geometry in a dynamic block reference through custom grips or custom.

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