About Using AutoCAD 360

About Using AutoCAD 360

With AutoCADآ® 360, you can share, edit, and manage AutoCAD drawings online through
Autodesk A360 from any computer with a web browser and internet access.

Multiple users can work on the same drawing file online. Changes to your local AutoCAD
drawings are synchronized with the online copies that you have stored in Autodesk

Access and Share Drawings

Log in to your Autodesk account to access and manage your uploaded files. Share your
drawings and other files online with clients and colleagues. Depending on the permissions
that you grant them, they will be able to view, edit, or download a shared drawing
without having to install AutoCAD software or a DWG viewer. They can also download
other shared files, such as PDF, ZIP, and raster images.

Collaborate in Real Time

After sharing your online drawing, you can collaborate with other users by inviting
them to view and edit the drawing.

For additional information and access to AutoCAD 360 tutorials, visit the Autodesk

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