About Suppressing Running Object Snaps

About Suppressing Running Object Snaps

You can suppress running object snaps temporarily by using an override key.

For example, if running object snaps are turned on, but you want to turn all of them
off for a single point, you can hold down F3. When you release this key, running object
snaps are restored.

Several temporary override keys are available also for specific running object snaps.

The keys in the following illustration are the default keys, but you can change key
assignments and add your own as needed.

Hold down Shift and one of the temporary override keys in the illustration:


Suppresses the Endpoint object snap


Suppresses all snapping and tracking


Enforces object snap selection


Suppresses the Center object snap


Suppresses object snap tracking


Suppresses the Midpoint object snap


Suppresses all object snaps


Temporary override keys are also available for the other drawing aids that you set
in the Drafting Settings dialog box.

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