About Supported Raster Formats

About Supported Raster Formats

Specifies the background color used when creating the raster image file.

The Autodesk Raster driver supports the following raster file formats:

  • Uncompressed BMP
  • Uncompressed TGA
  • PCX – Zsoft packbits format
  • Uncompressed TIFF
  • Group 4 2D compressed bitonal TIFF
  • CALS MIL-R-28002A Type 1 (CCITT G4 2D Compression)
  • Dimensional CALS Type 1 (CCITT G4 2D Compression)
  • JFIF – JPEG compressed
  • PNG 1.0

You specify the file format when configuring the output device that will use the Autodesk
Raster driver.

The Media node in the Plotter Configuration Editor provides a range of bitmap sizes
for the raster driver. All of these sizes are plotted with an aspect ratio of 1:1.
Some of the file formats offer a choice of color or monochrome and a choice of color
depths (for example, 2 shades of gray, 256 colors, and so on). To specify graphics
settings, choose the Graphics node in the Plotter Configuration Editor and select
Vector Graphics.

The following table shows the supported raster file formats, the available color depth
options, and the file extension of the relevant output file. In the Color Depth column,
indexed is 8-bit, 256 colors, RGB is 24-bit True Color, and RGBA is 32-bit True Color.

Supported raster file formats

Format Color depth Extension
Uncompressed BMP Bitonal, grayscale, indexed, RGB .bmp
Uncompressed TGA Indexed, grayscale, RGB, RGBA .tga
PCX – Zsoft packbits Indexed, RGB .pcx
Uncompressed TIFF Bitonal, indexed, grayscale, RGB, RGBA .tif
TIFF – Group 4 Two-dimensional Bitonal Compression Bitonal, indexed, grayscale, RGB, RGBA .tif
CALS MIL-R-28002A Type 1 Bitonal .cal
Dimensional CALS Bitonal .cal
JFIF 5.0 – JPEG Gray, RGB .jpg
PNG 1.0 Bitonal, grayscale, indexed, RGB, RGBA .png

BMP File Format

BMP files are Microsoft Windows bitmap files. These files can be created in and read
by Windows Paint; all Windows applications can import them.

PCX File Format

The PCX file format has evolved from the files written by the original PC Paintbrush
program by Zsoft.

TIFF File Format

TIFF (tagged image file format) is a raster file format jointly defined by Adobe and

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