About Sun and Sky Simulation

    About Sun and Sky Simulation

    A special light is available to simulate the effect of sunlight or moonlight. It can
    be used in conjunction with sky simulation to provide a dramatic background and show
    how the shadows cast by a structure affect the surrounding area.


    A “Sun” light is rendered using an accurate sunlight model. For example, the color
    of sunlight is computed based on the time, position in the sky, date, and location
    specified in the drawing. More properties become available with photometric lighting
    than in the standard lighting workflow.

    The rays of the simulated sunlight are parallel and have the same intensity at any
    distance. The angle of the light from the sun is controlled by the geographic location
    you specify for your model and by the date and time of day. Whereas the rays of the
    sun are parallel and of a yellowish hue, the light cast from the atmosphere comes
    from all directions and is distinctly bluish in color. All settings for the sun except
    geographic location are saved per viewport, not per drawing. Geographic location is
    saved per drawing.

    NOTE:Starting with AutoCAD 2016-based products, all lights in a scene generate shadows.
    The Shadow property of the sunlight system is maintained for backwards compatibility.

    Sky Background

    The simulated “Sky” background is only available with the photometric lighting workflow.

    Sky Illumination

    Sky illumination can be used to add extra light to a scene, simulating the effect
    of light scattered by the atmosphere throughout the scene.

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