About Slides

About Slides

A slide is a snapshot of a drawing. Although it contains a picture of the drawing
at a given instant, it is not a drawing file.

You cannot import a slide file into the current drawing, nor can you edit or print
a slide. You can only view it.

You can use slide files in the following ways:

  • For making presentations within the application
  • For viewing a snapshot of a drawing while working on a different drawing
  • For creating menus of image tiles within a dialog box

You create a slide by saving the current view in slide format. A slide created in
model space shows only the current viewport. A slide created in paper space shows
all visible viewports and their contents. Slides show only what was visible. They
do not show objects on layers that were turned off or frozen or objects in viewports
that were turned off.

When you view a slide file, it temporarily replaces objects on the screen. You can
draw on top of it, but when you change the view (by redrawing, panning, or zooming),
the slide file disappears, and only what you drew and any preexisting objects are

You can display slides one by one or use a script to display slides in sequence. Slides
also can be used in custom image tile menus. For example, if you create scripts that
insert blocks containing mechanical parts you use frequently, you can design a custom
image tile menu that displays a slide of each part. When you click the slide image
in the tile menu, the block is inserted into the drawing.

Multiple slides can be organized into a slide library. Slide library files are used
for creating custom image tile menus and for combining several slide files for convenient
file management.

You cannot edit the contents of a slide. You must change the original drawing and
remake the slide. If you use a low-resolution graphics monitor when creating a slide
file and later upgrade to a high-resolution monitor, you can still view the slide.
However, the slide does not take full advantage of the new monitor until you remake
the slide file from the original drawing.

Viewing Slides

You can view slides individually using VSLIDE. To view a series of slides for a presentation,
use a script file.

Be careful about using editing commands while you view a slide, which looks like
an ordinary drawing. Editing commands affect the current drawing underneath the slide
but not the slide itself.

Some commands may force redrawing, which removes the slide from display.

Slide Libraries

You can create slide libraries from individual slide files using the SLIDELIB utility.
After you have set up a slide library, you can view slides by specifying the name
of the slide library and the slide.

Do not delete the original slides after creating the slide library. The SLIDELIB utility
cannot update a slide library once it is created. If you want to add or delete a slide,
update the slide list file and remake the library with the SLIDELIB utility. When
you remake the slide library, all the slide files that you intend to include must
be available.

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