About Working With Drawings Using Autodesk A360

About Working With Drawings Using Autodesk A360

Autodesk A360 is a set of secure online servers that you can use to store, retrieve,
organize, and share drawings and other documents.

Features and Benefits

After you create an Autodesk account, you can access the capabilities and features
available through A360.

  • Secure offsite storage

    Saving drawings to A360 is similar to storing them on a secure, maintained network

  • Remote access

    If you work both in the office and at home or at a remote facility, you can access
    your design documents in A360 without having to copy and transport them with a laptop
    or USB flash drive.

  • Custom settings sync

    Your customized workspaces, tool palettes, hatches, drawing template files, and settings
    are automatically used when you open AutoCAD drawings on a different computer.

  • Mobile devices

    You and your colleagues and clients can use AutoCAD 360 to view, edit, and share
    the drawings in A360 using popular phone and tablet devices.

  • Review and Collaboration

    With A360, you can grant levels of access to the people that you work with, either
    individually or in groups, to specified drawing files or folders. You can grant them
    viewing or editing privileges, and they can use AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, or AutoCAD 360
    to access the files. With Design Feed, you and your contacts can create and reply
    to posts to share comments and collaborate on design decisions.

  • Online software and services

    You can run rendering, analysis, and document management software using A360 resources
    rather than using your local computer.

NOTE: To learn more about using A360, sign in to your Autodesk account and click the Community,
Feedback, and Help buttons in the upper-right corner of the browser window.

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