View Label Tab (Detail View Style Manager)

    View Label Tab (Detail View Style Manager)

    Sets label visibility, properties for the label text, label location and content
    of detail view labels.

    List of Options

    The following options are displayed.


    Show view label
    When selected, displays view labels on detail views.
    Text style
    Specifies the text style to use for the detail view label.
    Text style Button
    Displays the Text Style dialog, where you can create or modify text styles.
    Text color
    Specifies the color to use for the detail view label. If you click Select Color (at
    the bottom of the Color list), the Select Color dialog box is displayed. You can also
    enter a color name or number.
    Text height
    Specifies the height of the detail view label.
    Label position
    Specifies the placement of the detail view label, in relation to the detail view.
    Distance from view
    Specifies the gap between the edge of the detail view and the detail view label.

    Label contents

    Specifies the default textual content for detail view labels. You typically use the
    following fields within detail view labels.

    • ViewDetailID – Evaluates to the detail view identifier.
    • ViewScale – Evaluates to the scale the detail is magnified to.
    • ViewType – Always evaluates to “detail”, when used in a detail view label.
    Displays the Field dialog box, with the field category set to Model Documentation.
    When you exit the Field dialog box, the selected field is inserted at the current
    cursor position within the default box. If the cursor is not within the Default box,
    the entire content of the Default box is replaced.

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