Use Shortcut Functions (CAL Command)

Use Shortcut Functions (CAL Command)

The functions in the table are shortcuts for commonly used expressions that combine
a function with the Endpoint Snap mode.

Shortcut functions


Shortcut for




Distance between two endpoints



Intersection of two lines defined by four endpoints



Midpoint between two endpoints



Unit vector in the XY plane and normal to two endpoints

pldee (d)


Point at a distance along a line determined by two endpoints (see pld)

pltee (t)


Point at a parametric location on a line determined by two endpoints (see plt)



Vector from two endpoints



Unit vector from two endpoints

Learning AutoCad

e functions in the table are shortcuts for commonly used expressions that combine a function with the Endpoint Snap mode.… Using the command-line calendar and date functions in Linux … Here are some easy examples of cal commands you can issue on the command line: … The date has a few shortcuts as well, for example, $ date –date "next …… How do I use the Define command to store a function on the TI-Nspire Family Products? … Press [1] to insert the Calculator application. … If the user does not wish to type out the function name, a shortcut would be to press the …… You can enter any shortcut you want in the "Shortcut Key" field. … shortcut key combination, but a comfortable way to do it anyway. win-key+r [for the run window], type calc and press enter. … Cmd Calculator loop command.Use geometric functions from the CAL command. You can access QuickCalc … In an active command, type 'qc (this is called a transparent command). •. Ctrl+8 …… There's not a way to program a single keyboard button by default, but you can set a shortcut key sequence such as Ctrl-Alt-C to open calculator:.… Some of the shortcut keys may be assigned to your desktop system. … Keys Used in Spreadsheets; 3 Formatting Cells Using Shortcut Keys … that the cursor moves , choose Tools – Options' – LibreOffice Calc – General'.use the handy calculator built … Click and drag the Tools Calculate command onto any of your toolbars. … in a table by holding down the Ctrl key while you select each cell, the calculator will not …calculator's Catalog houses every command and function used by the calculator. However, it's usually easier to …Calculator keyboard shortcut, which can be configured in the Calculator … Paste a calculation or just a series of numbers onto LaunchBar ( Command-V). … prior to typing the shortcut to use the expression as the function's argument.