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To Create a Section Object with Jogged Segments

    To Create a Section Object with Jogged Segments

    Create a section object with jogged sections.

    A section plane can have multiple or jogged sections. For example, a section containing
    a jog is one that cuts away a pie slice-shaped wedge from a cylinder.

    Section object with jogged segment

    1. Click Home tabSection panelSection Plane. Find
    2. At the Command prompt, enter d (Draw Section).
    3. Specify the start point of the section object.
    4. Specify a second point to create the first jogged segment.

      From this point, you cannot create segments that intersect.

    5. Continue specifying segment endpoints, then press Enter.
    6. Specify a point in the direction of the sectional cut.

    A section object with multiple segments is created in a Section Boundary state. Live
    sectioning is turned off.

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