Previewing a Dialog Box

Previewing a Dialog Box

Visual LISP provides a preview feature for checking the results of your DCL coding.

To preview a dialog box defined with DCL

  1. Click Tools Interface Tools Preview DCL in Editor from the Visual LISP menu.
  2. Click OK when prompted to specify a dialog name.

    In this case, your DCL file defines just a single dialog box, so there is no choice
    to be made. As you create larger and more robust applications, however, you may end
    up with DCL files containing multiple dialog boxes. This is where you can select which
    one to preview.

  3. If the dialog box displays successfully, choose any button to end the dialog.

Visual LISP passes control to AutoCAD to display the dialog box. If AutoCAD finds
syntactical errors, it displays one or more message windows identifying the errors.

If AutoCAD detects DCL errors and you are unable to figure out how to fix them, copy
the gpdialog.dcl file in your TutorialVisualLISPLesson4 directory and save it in the Support directory.

Learning AutoCad

sual LISP provides a tool for previewing dialog boxes defined with DCL.preview a task before sharing it to ArcGIS Server. … The dialog box will not show output parameters of the task since the location of the output is …Dialog Box. When you're designing a dialog box, you can simulate and test its run-time behavior without …dialog box allows you to test that the …Preview Changes dialog box enables you to review all the reference changes that a refactoring operation would perform on your code before executing that …Preview Data dialog box allows you to view the data returned by the TableAdapter queries in your project. You can preview data from parameterized …Dialog Box; Send as Dialog Box. Description. To preview a report, label, or letter. Display the appropriate tab of the Control Panel. Select the layout of …dialog box. You can start it from within the Print dialog box, or you can start it from the Print Preview tab, …… The most important lesson to learn about dialog boxes in Photoshop is … and many of its filters offer a Preview checkbox in their dialog boxes.