Passing Parameters to Functions

Passing Parameters to Functions

A better way to convey information from one function to another is to pass parameters
to the called function. Design the function so it expects to receive a number of values.
Remember the Degrees-Radians function? This function is passed a parameter named numberOfDegrees:

(defun Degrees-Radians (numberOfDegrees) 
(* pi (/ numberOfDegrees 180.0)))

When you call the function, it expects you to pass it a number. The number within
Degrees-Radians is declared as the parameter named numberOfDegrees. For example:

(degrees-radians 90)

In this case, the number 90 is assigned to the parameter numberOfDegrees.

You can also pass a variable to a function. For example, you might have a variable
called aDegreeValue that contains the number 90. The following commands set aDegreeValue and pass the variable to Degrees-Radians:

(setq aDegreeValue 90)

(degrees-radians aDegreeValue)

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