Paragraph Dialog Box

Paragraph Dialog Box

Sets indentation for paragraphs and the first lines of paragraphs.

Specifies tab stops, indents, controls paragraph alignment, paragraph spacing, and
paragraph line spacing.

NOTE:Not all of the new options for paragraph and paragraph line spacing are supported
in AutoCAD 2007 and previous releases.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.


Displays tab setting options, including adding and removing tabs. Options include
setting left, center, right, and decimal tabs. You can also set tabs from the Tab
selection button on the In-Place Editor’s ruler.

Decimal Style

Sets the decimal style based on current user locale. Options include setting the decimal
style as period, comma, and space. This setting is preserved with the drawing even
if the locale setting is changed.

Left Indent

Sets the indent value for the first line or hanging indent to the selected or current

Right Indent

Applies the indent to the entire selected or current paragraph.

Paragraph Alignment

Sets the alignment properties for the current or selected paragraphs.

Paragraph Spacing

Specifies the spacing before or after the current or selected paragraphs. The distance
between two paragraphs is determined by the total of the after paragraph spacing value
of the upper paragraph and the before paragraph spacing value of the lower paragraph.

Paragraph Line Spacing

Sets the spacing between individual lines in the current or selected paragraphs.

  • Exact: Defines the space with an arbitrary unit value the user specifies. Changing text
    height will not affect line spacing.
  • Multiple: Instead of assigning a value to line spacing, you specify spacing according to text
    height. When text height is not consistent in one line, the line space will be determined
    by the largest text height value in that line.
  • At least: Takes both the user specified arbitrary value and the text height to determine spacing.
    If text height is smaller than the arbitrary value the line space is determined by
    the user specified value. If the text height is larger, the line spacing is equal
    to the text height value.

Learning AutoCad

sp>Paragraph Dialog Box. The Paragraph dialog box enables you to define cascading style sheet (CSS) style attributes for aligning, indenting, and spacing paragraphs, or for changing the spacing between words. These attributes correspond to the Margin, Text-Indent, and Text-Align CSS properties.Paragraph dialog box, click on the small button in the Paragraph group, found on the Home tab. In the Paragraph dialog box, the top set of options pertains to text alignment: Choose left, center, right, or justified alignment, and then select “OK” to apply the new setting.Aug 25, 2009Paragraph Dialog Box Launcher: Paragraph Launcher in Word 2016. 3. In the Paragraph dialog box, click Tabs… button:.Paragraph dialog box, place your cursor anywhere within a single paragraph that you want to …paragraph dialog box in this free lesson.dialog box—Options tab. Alignment. Alignment for a selected paragraph.paragraphs and the first lines of paragraphs. Specifies tab stops, indents, controls paragraph alignment, paragraph spacing, and paragraph  …Paragraph dialog box. The diagram below explains how to indent, justify, and set line spacing for …