Options Tab (AccXES Configuration Dialog Box)

Options Tab (AccXES Configuration Dialog Box)

Specifies settings such as the owner of the output and banner display for Xerox wide
format printers.


Set output options for a Xerox wide format printer.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.


Identifies of the owner of the printer output. The contents of the Owner field may
be included on a user label.


Controls banner page selection and output position.

No Banner

No banner page is output.

First Page

A banner page is output before the plot.

Last Page

A banner page is output after the plot.

Mirror Image

Flips the image about one axis. Use this option when the output is to film media,
so that the image is on the back of the media, and the front can be marked up with
a marking tool.

Document Type

Controls image processing on the AccXES controller to improve image quality for a
given document. You can set the document type to Auto Select, Graphics, Lines & Text,
or Photo.


Controls the operation of an optional finisher. You can control the finisher type
by specifying a FIN file that defines the finisher type and the programs that are
known to the finisher.

Three default FIN files are distributed with this AutoCAD driver (8830ANSI.FIN, 8830ARCH.FIN, and 8830ISO.FIN). See the Xerox website for a FIN file generator that you can use to generate your
own FIN files.

Finisher Type

Specifies the type of finisher as specified in the FIN file.

Not Installed No finishing information is included in the plot.
Finisher Bypass The finisher is bypassed (the plot is not folded).
Printer Default The printer default behavior for finishing is used.
<Add Finisher A dialog box is shown in which you can specify which FIN file to add.

When you add or select a finisher, the FIN file is read, and any finisher programs
defined in the file are added to the Program drop-down list.


Specifies the finisher program to be used. When you add or select a finisher program,
the Sort Bin drop-down list is displayed with valid bin selections.

Sort Bin

Specifies the valid bin selection.

Title Block

Provides a list of available title block override settings. Options are:

  • No Preference
  • Upper Left
  • Upper Right
  • Lower Left
  • Lower Right
Intelligent Title Block

  • For folding documents with title blocks in standard corners, this option adjusts the
    location of the title block for proper folding if you selected an incorrect title
    block location for the fold style.
  • For folding documents with title blocks that are not in an expected standard corner,
    leave the Intelligent Title Block box clear.

Depending on the finisher program, you may be able to modify the selections for

  • Cross Fold
  • Margin (binding margin)
  • Punch
  • Tab/Reinforcement strip

Learning AutoCad

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