NEW Command Prompt

NEW Command Prompt

Enter a tilde (~) at the prompt to display the Select Template dialog box (a standard file selection
dialog box).

If you turned off the display of the Create New Drawing dialog box, or if FILEDIA
is set to 0, NEW displays the following prompt:

The following prompts are displayed.

Enter template file name or [. (for none)] <current: Enter a name, enter a period (.), or press ENTER

Learning AutoCad

cho TITLE example.bat PAUSE taskkill/IM cmd.exe Make that into a "example.bat" file and save it open it and run. PS: the selected answer using "start cmd.exe" does not work; a new command prompt is indeed spawned, but CCNET will wait for the spawned cmd to finish.… How to open a new command prompt window using cmd. Note: Upon executing above command, the first command prompt window will remain open, allowing you to continue using it. Tip: You can use the above command to open multiple command prompt windows.… How to open a second command prompt window from within a command line window.… As you may know from reading my articles over the years, I'm a bit of a Command Prompt aficionado. And even though I love all the new …new command prompt window.… Open the “File” menu and then choose “Run New Task.” Type cmd or cmd.exe , and then click “OK” to open up a regular Command Windows XP Professional commandline tools. Command Features Configures, queries, or changes Boot.ini file settings.… Brien takes a look at what's new with Microsoft's next Command Prompt and explains why you should be excited.Aug 8, 2015