List View / Tree View Pane (External References Palette)

List View / Tree View Pane (External References Palette)

Lists all file references in the current drawing.

You can display these file references in a list or in a tree structure.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

List View

The listed information includes the reference name, status, file size, file type,
creation date and saved path.

Reference Name

The reference name column always displays the current drawing as the first entry,
followed by additional attached files that are listed in the order they were attached.


The status of the referenced file:

  • Loaded – The referenced file is currently attached to the drawing.
  • Unloaded – The referenced file is marked to be unloaded from the drawing.
  • Not Found – The referenced file is no longer exists in the valid search paths.
  • Unresolved – The referenced file cannot be read.
  • Orphaned – The referenced file is attached to another file that has an Unresolved status.
  • Unreferenced – The referenced file is removed by either the delete or erase tool instead of detach.

The size of the attached file reference.


The file type of the referenced file. Drawing (Xref) files display as attachments
or overlays, raster images show their file format; and DWF, DWFx, DGN, and PDF underlays
are listed as their respective file types.


The date when the referenced file was created or last saved.

Saved Path

Displays the path that is saved with the drawing when the referenced file is attached.

Tree View

The top level of the tree view always shows the current drawing. Referenced files
appear at the next level. Referenced files that contain their own nested file references
can be opened to show deeper levels. When making selections in tree view, only one
file reference can be selected at a time.

Learning AutoCad

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