How can I improve performance?

    How can I improve performance?

    The performance of your product is determined by several different factors; operating
    system, software, and hardware.

    Consider the following when installing or upgrading to the latest release, or when
    evaluating new hardware:

    • Make sure your hardware exceeds the minimum system requirements for the AutoCAD-based
      product. For information on new systems that have been certified for the latest AutoCAD
      release, see While certified hardware does not guarantee a particular system will meet your particular
      needs, it does reflect that the hardware supports the advanced features in the latest

      To best calculate the minimum requirements for your needs, take a look at the requirements
      for all the software that you might potentially be running at a single time. This
      includes the AutoCAD-based product, operating system, e-mail program, Web browser,
      among others. Add up the amount of RAM and hard drive space that all the programs
      require, and use a CPU and graphics card that exceeds the demand of the most graphics
      intensive program you will be using.

    • Use a certified graphics card driver for the AutoCAD-based product.
    • Install the latest Service Pack for the AutoCAD-based product.
    • Enable hardware acceleration for use in the AutoCAD-based product:
      1. On the status bar, right-click the Hardware Acceleration button ( Find)Graphics Performance.
      2. In the Graphics Performance dialog box, turn on Hardware Acceleration.
    • Install the latest service pack and updates for your operating system.
    • Optimize your operating system by enabling available performance features and disabling
      those that affect graphical performance that you do not need. For more information
      on improving the performance of your operating system, see the documentation that
      was provided with your operating system

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