Drawing Units Dialog Box

Drawing Units Dialog Box

List of Options

The following options are displayed.



Sets the current display format for units of measure.

The values include Architectural, Decimal, Engineering, Fractional, and Scientific.
The Engineering and Architectural formats produce feet-and-inches displays and assume
that each drawing unit represents one inch. The other formats can represent any real-world


Sets the number of decimal places or fractional size displayed for linear measurements.


Specifies the current angle format and the precision for the current angle display.


Sets the current display format for angles.


Sets the precision displayed for angles.

The following conventions are used for the various angle measures:

  • Decimal degrees: decimal numbers.
  • Grads: lower case g suffix.
  • Radians: lower case r suffix.
  • Degrees/minutes/seconds: d for degrees, ‘ for minutes, and ” for seconds; for example, 123d45’56.7″.
  • Surveyor’s units: N or S for north or south bearings, degrees/minutes/seconds for how far east or west the
    angle is from direct north or south, and E or W for east or west; for example, N 45d0’0″ E. The angle is always less than 90 degrees
    and is displayed in the degrees/minutes/seconds format. If the angle is precisely
    north, south, east, or west, only the single letter representing the compass point
    is displayed.

Controls whether positive angles are measured in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Insertion Scale

Controls the scale for blocks and drawings that are inserted into the current drawing.

If you insert a block or a drawing that is created with units that are different from
the units used in the current drawing, the insertion scale value corrects the mismatch.
If you do not want the block or drawing to be scaled, specify Unitless.

NOTE:If the Insertion Scale is set to Unitless in either the source block or the target
drawing, the Source Content Units and Target Drawing Units settings are referenced
to determine the scaling ratio. These settings are located in the Options dialog,
User Preferences tab.

Sample Output

Displays an example of the current settings for units and angles.


Controls the unit of measurement for the intensity of photometric lights in the current

NOTE:To create and use photometric lights, specify a unit other than Generic. In addition,
photometric lights use the insertion scale to determine the units used in rendering,
so Insertion Scale should be set to a unit style other than Unitless.


Displays the Direction Control dialog box.

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