Designing the Gp:command-ended Callback Function

Designing the Gp:command-ended Callback Function

The gp:command-ended editor reactor callback function is where most action takes place. Until this function
is called, the garden path border polylines are “open for modify;â€‌ that is, users may still be manipulating the borders in AutoCAD. Within the reactor
sequence, you have to wait until AutoCAD has done its part of the work before you
are free to do what you want to do.

The following pseudo-code illustrates the logic of the gp:command-ended function:

Determine the condition of the polyline.
    Erase the tiles.
    Erase the tiles.
    Erase the tiles.
    Get the current boundary data from the polyline.
    If it is a lightweight polyline,
       Process boundary data as 2D
       Process boundary data as 3D
    End if
  Redefine the polyline border (pass in parameters of the current
         boundary configuration, as well as the old).
  Get the new boundary information and put it into the format
         required for setting back into the polyline entity.
  Regenerate the polyline.
  Redraw the tiles (force ActiveX drawing).
  Put the revised boundary information back into the reactor
         named in *reactorsToChange*.
End function

The pseudo-code is relatively straightforward, but there are several important details
buried in the pseudo-code, and they are things you would not be expected to know at
this point.

Learning AutoCad

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