About Working With the Block Editor

About Working With the Block Editor

The Block Editor provides an easy way to define and edit blocks and to add dynamic
behaviors to block definitions.

What the Block Editor Does

In the Block Editor, you can

  • Define a block
  • Add an action parameter
  • Add a geometric or dimensional constraint (not available in AutoCAD LT)
  • Define attributes
  • Manage visibility states
  • Test and save the block definition
NOTE: If you are working with dynamic blocks, keep the Command window displayed in the
Block Editor, as it displays many prompts for many aspects of creating dynamic behaviors.

UCS in the Block Editor

The UCS command is disabled in the Block Editor. Keep the following in mind:

  • Within the Block Editor, the origin of the UCS icon defines the base point for the
    block. You can change the base point for the block by moving the geometry relative
    to the origin of the UCS icon, or by adding a base point parameter.
  • You can assign parameters to an existing 3D block definition, but you cannot edit
    the block along the Z axis.
  • You can add actions to a dynamic block that contains solid objects, but you cannot
    edit solid objects within a dynamic block (for example, stretch a solid, move a hole
    within a solid, and so on).

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