About Using the Plotter Configuration Editor

About Using the Plotter Configuration Editor

After you create a configured plotter (PC3) file, you can edit the file using the
Plotter Configuration Editor.

The Plotter Configuration Editor provides options for modifying a plotter’s port
connections and output settings including media, graphics, physical pen configuration,
custom properties, initialization strings, calibration, and user-defined paper sizes.
You can drag and drop these options from one PC3 file to another.

NOTE:When dragging and dropping an item, the whole branch will come over. If you drag from
an operating system driver, in most cases, the Custom item will also be copied. For
nonsystem drivers, the Custom item is copied only if it is explicitly selected.

The Plotter Configuration Editor contains three tabs:

  • General. Contains basic information about the configured plotter.
  • Ports. Contains information about the communication between the plotting device and your
  • Device and Document Settings. Contains plotting options.

    For example, when you configure a nonsystem pen plotter you have the option to modify
    the physical pen characteristics.

You can edit the plotter configuration files for both system and nonsystem plotters.
You can also modify the default settings for an operating system printer without creating
a PC3 file. For example, you can modify the properties systemwide in the operating
system. You can also click Properties in the Plot or Page Setup dialog box and plot
without saving the properties.

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