About Using the Autodesk HDI System Printer Driver

About Using the Autodesk HDI System Printer Driver

With the HDI system printer driver, you can use the plotter or printer you have configured
with the operating system.

You can use any printing device supported by the operating system (system printer).

You can use the HDI system printer driver to choose printer defaults that differ from
the defaults for other applications.

The Autodesk system printer driver supports raster output. However, the amount of
memory in the printing device limits the ability of the device connected as the system
printer to output raster and vector data sent by the program.

If you have multiple system printers, you can select the device used to plot your
drawings. For example, you might use a LaserJet printer for word processing documents
and a BubbleJet for drawings.

For best results, use the system printer and Autodesk plotter drivers as follows:

  • Use the Autodesk HDI driver appropriate to your printer/plotter in preference to the
    system printer, unless you have an Ocأ© or Hewlett-Packard DesignJet plotter. Ocأ© and
    HP have supplied system printer drivers optimized for the program.
  • Use the system printer for output devices without pens, such as laser printers.

Setting up the system printer for use with your Autodesk program consists of two

  • Configuring the system printer for the operating system (see the documentation for
    your operating system)
  • Configuring the system printer as the Autodesk plotter using the Add-a-Plotter Wizard
    shortcut icon

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