About Using Sheet Sets in a Networked Environment

About Using Sheet Sets in a Networked Environment

The associations and information that define a sheet set are stored in a sheet set
data (DST) file. The first time you create a new sheet set, the default sheet set
storage folder, AutoCAD Sheet Sets, is created in the default location: yourMy Documents folder.

When you use sheet sets in a team, each member should have network access to the
DST file and the drawing template (DWT) files associated with the sheet set:

  • Each team member can open the sheet set to load the sheet set information from the
    DST file into the Sheet Set Manager.
  • If each member of the team has access to the sheet set DWT files, new drawing files
    and their sheets are created using the same drawing template file; page setups for
    these drawings are also standardized.

Any changes that any team member makes opens the DST file briefly and updates the
information stored in that file. When the DST file is opened, a lock icon is displayed
next to the sheet set name in the top left corner of the Sheet Set Manager:

A green dot in the lock icon indicates that the Sheet Set Manager session on your
computer has temporarily locked the DST file.

A red dot indicates that the Sheet Set Manager session on a team member’s computer
has temporarily locked the DST file.

A yellow dot in the lock icon means that the sheet is in a special state; for example,
its file properties may be set to Read-Only.

Other members of the team can automatically see changes to the sheet set in the Sheet
Set Manager tree view.

Logical Drive Naming

If two or more users access the same sheet files through different logical drives
on a network, each will in turn be prompted to resave the sheet set using their own
logical drive. To avoid unnecessary saving, users should map the same logical drives,
if possible.

Sheet Status

Status data for sheets in the current sheet set is also available to other team members.
This status data is displayed in the tree view and indicates one of the following

The sheet is available for editing.

The sheet is locked.

The sheet is missing or found in an unexpected folder location.


A false lock icon may be displayed if there is a network problem or if the program
terminates unexpectedly. If you suspect a problem, click the sheet to display more

The active sheets of other team members are automatically polled for status changes;
the tree view is updated in your session of the Sheet Set Manager. The polling cycle
skips the poll interval in your session when a command is active. To force a sheet
status update, click Refresh Sheet Status on the Sheet List tab.

You can click any sheet to display more information in the Details area of the Sheet
Set Manager.

Working without the Sheet Set Manager

With some limitations, you can use sheet sets in a team with members who do not have
network access, or do not have access to the Sheet Set Manager. However, relevant
information from the DST file is stored (cached) in each drawing file, and sheet set
information, such as custom properties, is preserved when the drawing file is shared
by other team members.

After a member of the team changes information in the DST file, the information in
several drawing files might need to be updated. With the sheet set open, update a
sheet by opening and saving the sheet.

You can update all sheets in a sheet set automatically with the Resave All Sheets
option in the sheet set shortcut menu. Drawing files saved in a previous DWG file
format are saved without changing the format.


In a network environment, make sure that all drawing files used in the current sheet
set that are opened by other users are closed before performing the Resave All Sheets

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