About Using Models With Other Autodesk Applications

    About Using Models With Other Autodesk Applications

    You can use other Autodesk products to further enhance the quality of your models.

    Autodesk آ® products continually improve their ability to share drawings and models, including
    3ds Max آ® , 3ds Max Design, AutoCAD آ® Architecture, and AutoCAD آ® Mechanical.

    3ds Max or 3ds Max Design

    With these products, you can make great improvements in your models. You have the
    option of opening DWG or DXF files without converting them or you can use the File
    Link Manager utility to create a live link with a drawing file. 3ds Max or 3ds Max
    Design offers expanded animation, lighting, material, and rendering capabilities that
    add further polish to presentation images.

    AutoCAD-based Products

    AutoCAD-based geometry can be opened by an AutoCAD-based vertical product with no
    conversion necessary. Once the model is open, you can use the feature set specific
    to the product and its 3D modeling tools to streamline the design and documentation

    Other Autodesk Products

    If you want to use AutoCAD-based geometry and rendering data with other Autodesk
    products, determine the file formats that can be imported in the other product. From
    the AutoCAD-based product, use the EXPORT command to export the model to one of the
    supported file formats. After the file has been exported, use the open or import feature
    of the other product to view or modify the file.

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