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About Using Markups for Design Review

About Using Markups for Design Review

You can only use Autodesk Design Review to mark up DWF or DWFx files for review.
You can then view markup in AutoCAD-based programs, make changes to your drawings,
change markup status and republish for further review cycles.

When you want to submit designs for review, you can publish your drawing as a DWF
or DWFx file and send it to your client or anyone you want to review your designs.
The reviewer can open the DWF or DWFx file in Autodesk Design Review, mark up the
file electronically, and then send it back to you.

When you open a marked-up DWF or DWFx file in the product, you can view the redline
markups in the drawing area, turn them off, make your changes, change the status of
the markups, and republish the DWF or DWFx file to send out for another review.

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