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About Using Big Font Text in a Drawing

    About Using Big Font Text in a Drawing

    A Big Font file can be used for drawing text by creating a text style with the STYLE
    command that specifies the name of the Big Font file.

    The text style can be used as a normal ASCII font as well; enter only the two file
    names, separated by a comma. The following example uses the command line version of
    the STYLE command.

    Command: -STYLE

    Enter name of text style or [?] <current: style_name

    Specify full font name or font file name (TTF or SHX): txt,greek

    The program assumes that the first name is the normal font and that the second is
    the big font.

    If you enter only one name, the program assumes it is the normal font and removes
    any associated Big Font.

    By using leading or trailing commas when specifying the font file names, you can change
    one font without affecting the other, as shown in the following table.

    Input for changing fonts



    normal, big

    Both normal and Big Font specified


    Normal font only (Big Font unchanged)


    Big Font only (normal font unchanged)


    Normal font only (if necessary, Big Font removed)

    Enter (null response)

    No change

    When you use the -STYLE command to list styles or to revise an existing style, the
    program displays the normal font file, a comma, and the Big Font file. If the style
    has only a Big Font file, it is displayed with a leading comma: ,greek.

    For each character in a text string, the program searches the Big Font file first.
    If the character is not found there, the normal font file is searched.

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