About Sheet Views

About Sheet Views

A view on a sheet, called a sheet view, consists of several coincident entities:

  • an xref or geometry in model space
  • a layout viewport on a sheet
  • a named view in paper space

The Sheet Set Manager automates and enhances the process for adding views to a sheet.

  • The sheet view can display model space from a different drawing file. In this case,
    that drawing is attached as an xref in your current drawing. The layers of that drawing
    file are displayed only in the sheet view that you create.

    NOTE: The xref is attached using a relative path. If you need to change the path to a fully
    specified (absolute) path, use the External References palette.

  • A layout viewport that displays the model space view is created on your current sheet.
  • A named view that encompasses the area of the layout viewport is created in paper

When you place a sheet view on a sheet, all the layers in the current drawing (including
layer 0) are frozen in the new viewport created by the view. The layers are shown
as frozen in the VP Freeze column of the Layer Properties Manager.

If you need to remove a sheet view from a sheet, you can delete the layout viewport
to remove the view. However, to remove all unused items, you need to detach the xref
and delete the named paper space view.

NOTE:The easiest method for removing a sheet view immediately after placing it is to use

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