About Sharing Tool Palettes

    About Sharing Tool Palettes

    Tool palettes can be shared with other users, but it takes some planning.

    Use the following methods to share tool palettes with other users:

    • Create new tool palettes in a common location, such as on a networked drive. Once
      the new tool palettes are created, each user adds the folder that contains the tool
      palettes to the Tool Palettes File Locations node on the Files tab of the Options
      dialog box.
    • Export and import the tool palettes using the Customize dialog box.
    NOTE:AutoCAD-based products add new tool palettes to the first writeable location under
    Tool Palettes File Locations, folders are evaluated from the top down.

    In addition to making sure that the tool palettes being shared are in a common location,
    you must also make sure all source files used for the tools on the tool palettes are
    in a common location. This includes blocks, external reference and underlay files,
    raster image files, hatch pattern definition files, and so on.

    NOTE:It is not recommended to share tool palettes with different AutoCAD releases.

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