About Setting Visual Aids for Object Snaps

About Setting Visual Aids for Object Snaps

Object snaps include a visual aid called AutoSnap â„¢ to help you see and use object snaps more efficiently.

AutoSnap Tools

AutoSnap consists of the following object snap tools:

  • Marker. Displays the object snap location when the cursor moves over or near an object. Marker
    shape is dependent on the snap it is marking.
  • Tooltip. Displays the name of the object snap near the cursor.
  • Magnet. Attracts and locks the cursor onto the nearest object snap location.
  • Aperture box. Surrounds the crosshairs and defines an area within which object snaps are evaluated.
    You can choose whether to display the aperture box, and you can change the aperture
    box size.

Use AutoSnap to Confirm or Change an Object Snap

If you have set more than one running object snap, you can press Tab to cycle through
the available object snaps.

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