About Setting Up Plotters and Printers

About Setting Up Plotters and Printers

Each plotter configuration contains information such as the device driver and model,
the output port to which the device is connected, and various device-specific settings.

The program lists the available configured system and HDI nonsystem printers or plotters.
You do not need to configure system devices unless the program defaults differ from
those of the operating system.

If a plotter is supported by the program, but not by the operating system, you can
use one of the HDI nonsystem printer or plotter drivers. You can also use a nonsystem
driver to create PostScript, raster image, Design Web format (DWF), or Portable Document
Format (PDF) files.

The program stores information about the media and plotting device in configured
plot (PC3) files. Plot configurations are portable and can be shared in an office
or on a project as long as they are for the same driver and model. Plot configurations
for system printers may also be shared, but need to be shared on the same version
of an operating system. If you calibrate a plotter, the calibration information is
stored in a plot model parameter (PMP) file that you can attach to any PC3 files you
create for the calibrated plotter.

NOTE:If you upgrade a driver, try using your existing PC3 file. If it does not work, then
you will need to create a new PC3 file.

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