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About Setting Text Height

About Setting Text Height

The exception is TrueType fonts: the value usually represents the size of the uppercase

If you specify a fixed height as part of a text style, the Height prompt is bypassed
when you create single-line text. When the height is set to 0 in the text style, you
are prompted for the height each time you create single-line text. Set the value to
0 if you want to specify the height as you create text.

TrueType Fonts

For TrueType fonts, the value specified for text height represents the height of
a capital letter plus an ascent area reserved for accent marks and other marks used
in non-English languages. The relative portion of text height that is assigned to
capital letters and ascent characters is determined by the font designer at the time
the font is designed; consequently, it varies from font to font.

In addition to the height of a capital letter and the ascent area that make up the
text height specified by the user, TrueType fonts have a descent area for portions
of characters that extend below the text insertion line, for example, y, j, p, g, and q.

When you apply a text height override to all text in the editor, the entire multiline
text object is scaled, including its width.

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