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About Searching for Content

About Searching for Content

On the Command line, you can search for named objects, or conten such as blocks,
hatches, layers, or styles, and then initiate an appropriate action by selecting them.

This method of searching provides a way to bypass commands and dialog boxes to take
such actions as setting a default style, changing a layer, or inserting a block more

Example: Suppose you want to insert a hatch pattern. When you enter hatch at the Command prompt and press the Tab key to cycle through options, the command
line suggestion list expands to include available hatch patterns. Drag the scroll
bar to display additional hatches and gradients. You can see a thumbnail of each option
by hovering over the name.

Select a hatch name and click within a closed area or object in the drawing to insert

You can also search by the name of the content. For example, to find the hatch type
“Hound,” enter hound. The content category and name are displayed in the suggestion list.

You can select the name and click inside a closed area in the drawing area to insert
the pattern.

Content Categories and Actions

From the command line, you can also search for content of a specific category such
as a text style or layer by typing a keyword.

The action that occurs when you select a search item varies according to the category.

If the named object is … Enter this text to display available content … Select the item to …
  • block
  • insert
Insert the block
Dimension style
  • dimstyle
Make the selected dimension style current
  • hatch
Hatch or fill the specified area
  • layer
Make the selected layer current
Text style
  • textstyle
  • style
Make the selected text style current
Visual style
  • visualstyle
  • visualstyles
Make the selected visual style current

(Not available in AutoCAD LT)

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