About Saving Program Settings as Profiles

    About Saving Program Settings as Profiles

    You can create and share profiles that store program settings for different users
    or projects.

    Profiles store settings such as the following:

    • Default search and project file paths
    • Template file locations
    • Initial folder specified in file navigation dialog boxes
    • Default linetype and hatch pattern files
    • Printer defaults
    • Tool palette display settings

    Profile information is stored in the system registry and can be exported to a ARG
    text file.

    Use Profiles for Shared Computers or Different Projects

    Use the Profiles tab in the Options dialog box to create and save the current program
    settings as a profile. If you share a workstation with users who use the same login,
    you can restore your settings by making your profile current. You can also create
    and save profiles to use with different projects. By default, your current options
    are stored in as <<Unnamed Profile. The current profile name, as well as the current
    drawing name, are displayed in the Options dialog box.

    Transfer Profiles Between Computers

    Once you save a profile, you can export or import the ARG file. This practice is
    useful for copying, restoring, or standardizing project-oriented work environments
    over a network.

    If you make changes to your current profile during a work session and you want to
    save those changes in an ARG file, you must re-export the profile. When you export
    the profile with the current profile name, the ARG file is updated with the new settings.

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