About Regions

About Regions

Regions are 2D enclosed areas that have physical properties such as centroids or centers
of mass. You can combine existing regions into a single, complex region.

Regions can be used for

  • Extracting design information
  • Applying hatching and shading
  • Combining simple objects into more complex ones with Boolean operations.

You can create regions from objects that form closed loops. Loops can be combinations of lines, polylines, circles, arcs, ellipses, elliptical
arcs, and splines that enclose an area.

You can create regions by unifying, subtracting, or intersecting them:

Objects combined using UNION:

Objects combined using SUBTRACT:

Objects combined using INTERSECT:

Invalid Boundaries

When a boundary cannot be determined, it might be because the specified internal
point is not within a fully enclosed area. In the example below, red circles are displayed
around unconnected endpoints to identify gaps in the boundary.

Learning AutoCad

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