About Providing Performance Feedback

    About Providing Performance Feedback

    The Performance Feedback tool enables you to record and send a log file and detailed
    system information to the AutoCAD performance team for analysis while you recreate
    a performance problem.

    Often the descriptions of performance problems that we receive can be vague or lack
    the system information necessary for diagnosis. In this case, “performance” means
    program behavior that is slow, unresponsive, jumpy, or generally not as responsive
    as you would expect. The information that you provide enables Autodesk software engineers
    more easily find a solution.

    When you encounter a problem that you can recreate, you can record system events and
    detailed system information with the PMTOGGLE command, which turns the recording on
    and off. This information along with the information that you provide in a performance
    questionnaire is sent to Autodesk.

    The information that you provide is used specifically for the purpose of fixing software

    • This tool will NOT automatically monitor your system or automatically tune your system
    • This tool will NOT provide you with information about what is causing the slowdown
      or other problem.
    • This tool will NOT collect or use information that is not potentially relevant to
      the analysis of the problem that you’ve encountered.

    • The Performance Feedback tool is installed by default for a typical installation.
    • You must have an internet connection and be logged in to Autodesk 360 to submit your
    • To avoid a Windows User Account Control message, run the program under an account
      with administrator privileges.
    • The performance questionnaire is currently available in English only.

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