About PostScript Driver Custom Properties

About PostScript Driver Custom Properties

Set custom properties for plotted PostScript files.

You can use the PostScript driver to plot drawings to PostScript printers and PostScript
files. Use the PS file format for printers and the EPS file format for files. If you
plot to a hardware port, PS output is automatic. If you plot to a file and plan to
copy it to a printer, configure for PS output.

The PostScript driver supports three types of PostScript.

Supported PostScript Formats

PostScript Format Description
Level 1 Use for most plotters.
Level 1.5 Use for plotters that support color images.
Level 2 If your plotter supports Level 2 PostScript, use to produce smaller files that print
more rapidly.

The Tokenize PostScript Code and Compression options in the PostScript Custom Properties
dialog box reduces output file size and improves printing speed on devices that support
these options. If you have problems printing, try clearing all the options. If you
successfully print with no optimizations, you can try turning them on one at a time
to determine the options your printer supports.

Some desktop publishing applications only support Level 1 PostScript. If you have
problems using your EPS files, try a lower PostScript level and turn off the optimizations
just described.

Including a preview thumbnail in your EPS file makes the file substantially larger
but allows quick preview by many applications. The WMF preview is for Windows; the
EPSF preview is for Mac and other platforms.

NOTE:Including both preview images can triple your file size.

The PostScript Custom Settings dialog box controls the custom settings for the PostScript

Learning AutoCad

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