About Panning in Real Time

About Panning in Real Time

As a view is being panned, the cursor changes to indicate when you have reached the
virtual extents of the drawing.

The cursor changes to a hand cursor. By holding down the pick button on the pointing
device, you lock the cursor to its current location relative to the viewport coordinate
system. The drawing display is moved in the same direction as the cursor.

When you reach a logical extent (edge of the drawing space), a bar is displayed on
the hand cursor on that edge. Depending on whether the logical extent is at the top,
bottom, or side of the drawing, the bar is either horizontal (top or bottom) or vertical
(left or right side).

When you release the pick button, panning stops. You can release the pick button,
move the cursor to another location in the drawing, and then press the pick button
again to pan the display from that location.

To stop panning at any time, press Enter or Esc.

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