About ObjectARX Applications

    About ObjectARX Applications

    ObjectARX® (AutoCAD Runtime Extension) is a compiled-language programming environment for developing
    applications that allow you to load and run compiled projects in the same address
    space as AutoCAD-based products, enabling your programs to operate directly with core
    AutoCAD data structures and code.

    The ObjectARX libraries allow you to take advantage of the open architecture of AutoCAD-based
    products, providing direct access to the database structures, graphics system, and
    geometry engine to extend classes and capabilities at runtime. Additionally, you can
    define new commands that operate exactly the same way as native commands and new AutoLISP

    You can use ObjectARX libraries in conjunction with other programming interfaces supported
    by the AutoCAD-based product, such as AutoLISP, ActiveX, or Managed .NET, enabling
    cross-API integration.

    ObjectARX applications require knowledge of C++ or Objective-C, and an integrated
    development environment (IDE), such as Microsoft Visual Studio on Windows or Xcode
    on Mac OS. Unlike AutoLISP applications, you must compile an ObjectARX application
    before it can be loaded into an AutoCAD-based product. A compiled ObjectARX application
    is a Dynamic-Link Library file with an .arx extension. Debugging of an ObjectARX application can be performed from Microsoft
    Visual Studio or Xcode when a debug version of an ObjectARX application is loaded
    into an AutoCAD-based product.

    Once an ObjectARX application file has been debugged and is ready to be used by other
    users, a release version of the ObjectARX application must be built.

    Learning AutoCad

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