About Modifying 3D Objects

    About Modifying 3D Objects

    3D modeling tools range from entering precise measurements in the Properties palette,
    to more free-form methods such as grip and gizmo editing. Some methods are specific
    to 3D solids, surfaces or meshes. Other methods are shared.

    Convert to Other Object Types

    In many cases, you can convert from one object type to another to take advantage
    of specific editing capabilities.

    For example you can convert selected surfaces, solids, and legacy mesh types to mesh
    objects so that you can take advantage of smoothing and modeling capabilities.

    Similarly, you can convert mesh to 3D solids and surfaces to accomplish some composite
    object modeling tasks that are available only for those objects. Conversion is often
    offered as a choice when you start activities that are available only for solids and

    View Your Model from All Angles

    When you work with any 3D object, you can easily make changes that are not accurately
    reflected in the current view. To ensure that your modifications conform to your expectations,
    make sure you understand and use the following:

    • Manipulate the 3D workplane (UCS). To understand how your model is projected in 3D space, learn how to use the X, Y, and Z axes.
    • Rotate the view to display the model from different viewpoints. Several navigation tools, including 3D Orbit and the ViewCube tool, are available
      to help you rotate around your workspace.
    • Display multiple viewports. Set up two or more viewports with different viewing angles and visual styles. When
      you make a change in one viewport, you can see its impact from several viewpoints
      at the same time.

    Learning AutoCad

    sp>Modify 3D objects by changing their settings in the Properties palette. 3D solids, surfaces, and meshes, and their subobjects can be modified in the Properties …3D solids and surfaces using grips, gizmos, and commands. You can use MOVE, ROTATE, and SCALE to modify edges on 3D solids and surfaces just as you can for any other object. Press and hold Ctrl to select the edge.3D modeling tools range from entering precise measurements in the Properties palette, to more free-form methods such as grip and gizmo editing.3D Solids and Surfaces. You can modify the form of a 3D solid or surface by modifying one or more vertices. Use grips and gizmos, or run the 3DMOVE, 3DROTATE, or 3DSCALE command.Modify the entire form of a composite 3D object or the original forms that make up the composite. You can move, scale, or rotate a selected composite objects …object-specific property of 3D meshes. … In the following illustration, a mesh sphere is modified by grip editing and …objects differs from modeling 3D solids and surfaces in some important ways. Mesh objects do not have the mass and volume properties of 3D  …… Join Jim LaPier for an in-depth discussion in this video Modifying 3D objects, part of AutoCAD for Mac 2015 Essential Training.6 Oct 2010